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HEBEI LVJOE MACHINERY MANUFACTURING CO.,LTD was established in 1998 and was professional in designing and manufacturing all kinds of industrial equipments. It has 300 workers and more than 80 sets of processing machines which include 2 sets of planer machines ,one set of milling machine, 2 sets of boring machines, 3 sets of the lathes and several sets of newly imported CNC equipments.     

We commit to improve competition, create brilliant culture and pursue continuous development. Being responsible for the customers, ensuring the quality of the products and abiding by the credit are our root of the industry. LVJOE brand equipments have been on the top of the reliable machines in China. We supply all services such as market research, product design, after-sales service etc.    

In last few years we have successfully developed many kinds of industrial equipments including kinds of automatic paper faced gypsum borad production line, gypsum powder production line, gypsum block production line, mineral wool board production line, adhesive tape coating machine, slitting machine, rewinding and slitting machine, rewinding machine, color concave printing machine, nail making machine, wire drawing machine,. We have the adhesive tape factory and gypsum board factory. The products in gypsum board factory include regular gypsum board, fire-proof gypsum board, water-proof gypsum board, sound insulation gypsum board etc. adhesive tape products include sealing tape, lettering tape, sealing tape for gypsum board, double-side tape, stationary tape,masking tape, PVC electricity insulation tape, cellophane tape, hot melt tape, foam tape, medical tape etc As the best industry for investment, entrepreneurship and enrichment in the reform and opening, it has made continuous progresses through years of experience. With professional and scientific operations, we will continue to provide the most humanity management and entrepreneurship opportunities for all the old and new customers!