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Gypsum and gypsum powder and its application

Gypsum and gypsum powder and its application
A, the effect of gypsum
Gypsum is the industrial materials and building materials for a wide range of. Can be used in the cement retarder, gypsum building products, model making, medical food additives, production of sulfuric acid paper, paint filler, filler.
Industrial application:
The gypsum is heated to 100 to 200 ° C, lost part of crystal water, can be half water gypsum. It is a kind of gas cementing material, has two forms of alpha and beta, a diamond crystal, but different physical properties. Alpha type semi hydrated gypsum crystal good, solid; beta hemihydrate gypsum is patchy and cracked crystal, crystal is very fine, the surface area than alpha type semi hydrated gypsum much. The production of gypsum products, alpha type semi hydrated gypsum content less than beta, products have high density and strength. Usually use autoclave in the saturated steam medium steaming into the alpha hemihydrate gypsum, also known as the high strength gypsum; with the wok or rotary kiln calcination open device which is formed by the beta hemihydrate gypsum building plaster, i.e..
Effects of gypsum in medicine:
1 gypsum decoction can reduce the hepatitis B virus deoxyribonucleic acid (HBVDNA) content
2 in vitro tests could significantly enhance the phagocytosis of alveolar macrophages of rabbits
3 natural gypsum Decoction (1 ∶ 1) injection on artificial animal fever, antipyretic
4 calcined plaster for external use can convergence mucosa, reduce the secretion of.
5 on isolated toad heart and rabbit heart, small dose excitement, high-dose inhibition
Gypsum is the main raw material for the production of gypsum plaster and gypsum building products, is also the Portland cement retarder. Gypsum after 600 ~ 800 ° C after calcination, adding a small amount of lime catalyst common ground, can get the anhydrite binder (also known as the Guinness Book of cementing material); after 900 ~ 1000 ° C calcining and grinding, can get high temperature calcined gypsum. Products of these two kinds of gypsum prepared, strength higher than that of building gypsum products, and anhydrite binder has good thermal insulation performance, high temperature calcined gypsum has good abrasion resistance and water resistance.
Two, gypsum powder
Gypsum powder is one of the five gel material, widely used in construction, building materials, industrial mold and artistic model, chemical industry and agriculture, food processing and medical beauty in numerous applications, is an important industrial raw materials.
The main application fields of gypsum powder
1, building materials, construction
A: anhydrite cement and cementitious materials: adding indeed activator can produce anhydrite cement and cementitious materials, reinforcement, suitable for soft clay foundation wall painting, mechanical model, tunnels and fiber production pressure plate etc..
B: used as a solvent and purifying agent in the glass production process.
C: used as filler in plastics, rubber, paint, asphalt, asphalt felt industry.
D: agent, anti cracking agent, self leveling mortar, the main raw material of concrete expansion.
E: bored pile, deep mixing pile used as increasing expansion material friction resistance.
F: used as compound mineralizer special cement production
Application of 2, gypsum powder in agriculture
A: improved soil, adjusting pH, modified for saline alkali soil, red clay and other soils.
B: mushroom cultivation as calcium, sulfur compound mineral fertilizer, adjusting the pH of culture medium.
C: used as compound mineral feed additive in poultry, livestock feed.
Application of 3, gypsum powder in chemical industry
A: production of sulfuric acid, the by-product of lightweight cement.
B: the production of ammonium sulfate, the by-product of light calcium carbonate.